Visual Studio Stops Recognising Mouse Input

The shine is starting to wear off Visual Studio 2010 Professional for me. Recently the IDE has started to hang, in a rather strange way. The code editor still appears to respond to mouse events, but nothing actually happens. E.g. you can highlight some code, right mouse click and choose copy from the context menu, but then when you come to paste, nothing happens. Or you’ve been coding away, and you see the file name has an asterisk against it, so you hit ‘Control+S’ to save, but nothing happens. And the only way you can save your changes is by closing the file – at this point VS prompts you if you want to save.

This seems to be something that others have noticed, certainly in the Beta:

One of the tips is to uncheck the ‘Enable the Visual Studio hosting process’ checkbox in Project Properties > Debug pane – and this seems to have fixed it for me.

This is not very impressive. I’ve used all of the previous .NET editions of Visual Studio, and never seen this kind of stuff before.