Simply Mail Solutions MS Exchange Classic Review

I recently decided to bite the bullet and migrate domain email for my two main employees to a hosted Exchange provider, so that we could get proper BlackBerry integration, rather than relying on forwarding our domain email to Hotmail (which actually works pretty well, but our clients could see the Hotmail address, which wasn’t very professional).

I rang around various local providers, and the market rate seemed to be around 25 GBP per mailbox PCM, plus 100-200 GBP setup fee. This hardly felt like a bargain, but there wasn’t much variation in the quotes, so I was about to plump for one of these providers when Google took me to Simply Mail Solutions.

I called the main number, and the lady explained that the price I had been quoted was for pre-Exchange 2010, and that things had actually moved on from a technical point of view. Blackberry and Microsoft had now spoken to each other, and there was a kind of halfway house which meant you could get BlackBerry Enterprise Server functionality without actually needing the full system. And the cost: 6 GBP PCM per mailbox!

So sold on price. But there were a number of technical hurdles which I threw up in the way, which were surely to test the patience of any support operation:
1. Could I only forward certain domain mailboxes to SMS, and retain control of MX records for the domain?
2. Could I get this working on a Mac?
3. Could I get the Blackberry Enterprise Activation app to work on my colleague’s older BlackBerry?

To cut a long story short, the answer to all of these questions was ‘yes.’ I must have raised five support calls during the migration, and the response from support was always quick, friendly and comprehensive. Finally, did I mention that SMS also include an OEM version of Outlook 2010 and 2011 in the price?


So, great price, and excellent service from these guys. Heartily recommended!