API Development in Microsoft Technologies

You don’t need to read that API manual. We integrate client or server applications with most internet-facing APIs, particularly those based on SOAP or REST. We work with PayPal, Commidea ICP, TxtLocal, SumNet, DAViCal, DepotNET, MSMQ and many others. Our primary technologies are .NET and VBA. We build APIs to expose your systems to the internet.

Business Analysis in Financial Services

We work on enterprise integration projects affecting trade flows in the derivatives world, with a focus on messaging and standards such as FIX and SWIFT. Message Consulting is our flagship blog on this subject.

Excel VBA

We make most things happen in Excel, and quick. We particularly enjoy taking a long running macro and making it run in a tenth or a hundreth of the original time. Spreadsheet Workout is our SME Excel brand.

Project Review Service

We will give you a clear assessment of your project’s state. We will make recommendations that you can carry out immediately. We will also make recommendations for the longer term


We provide web hosting and domain names for clients, friends and family at mates’ rates. We provide WordPress, MySQL, full shell access and unlimited email addresses.

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