National Savings and Investments – Login Incorrect BWXX0013

I am just signing up for the National Savings and Investments online and phone service.

I got a letter this morning with my temporary password, and attempted to login with that password and my premium bonds holder number, but I kept getting the below error:

It turns out that your NS&I number is a different to your premium bonds holder number. You have to wait for this number to arrive by snail mail, sent separately to your password. A careful reading of the password letter does explain this (“you’ll need to wait until your NS&I number arrives in the post”), but I thought I’d mention this in case it catches anyone else.

3 thoughts on “National Savings and Investments – Login Incorrect BWXX0013

  1. I have a National Savings number and they sent me snail mail a password.
    for 3 weeks I have been unable to log in because a message appears saying “site not available ”
    Every other site I use works perfectly but not this one.

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