5 things they don’t tell you about upgrading your Mac

It’s always roses, roses, roses with my Mac-loving friends. But for some reason I don’t have the knack, and would like to remind myself of the following facts when I am next planning an upgrade.

1. Upgrading the OS or hard drive on your Mac *will* take you all weekend
2. You *will* try three different back-up methods before finding one that works
3. You *will* have to reformat one of your NTFS USB drives to Mac format so that your Mac can write to it
4. You *will* find that although the OS upgrade media is beautifully packaged, and designed by Apple in California, it will not actually work, and will require baroque instructions to save to disk followed by boot from new partition
5. Your jaw *will* drop when your Mac-loving friends blithely accept that they need to buy a new laptop / memory system / hard drive just to get a point release in OS

Reckon I’m happy to get back to my decade-old XP OS, that I can still install any software I’ve purchase in the last decade on.

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